About the owner

Hi, my name is Andy Corbett. I am the Founder of S&O Consulting Group, where I help executives in a range of industries evolve their operating models in response to a specific driver for change.

Drivers of change could either result from opportunities presented by emerging digital technology, a merger and acquisition, the need for cost reduction, the pursuit of improving customer experience, the need to consolidate / separate organisational functions or simply to stand up a brand new function.

I have been fortunate enough to work with some truly amazing people from incredibly interesting organisations around the world.

My career began as a Lean Six Sigma coach at BT Global Services where I traveled around the world coaching service delivery teams in how to optimise their processes.

I then joined Deloitte UK to work on industry first projects for high profile players such as Deutsche Bank, BBC, Aviva Insurance and Virgin.

After moving to Australia, I had the privilege of working for SBS Media to help them grow their reach, revenue and reputation through major transformation programs such as the Digital Newsroom.

In 2016 I felt the time was right to go out on my own and launch the S&O Consulting Group.

We’ve now grown up to become a boutique consulting firm and recently launched a product which executives can use to evolve their Operating Models.

We also offer a range of different training services including Operating Model Design, Lean Six Sigma and Agile Project Management.

Outside of work I enjoy F45, writing, cooking and all things sport.

I’m particularly fond of football where I endure the life sentence of having to support my beloved Leeds United.

To discuss how our insights can be applied to your organisation please contact us.

About the owner