Enterprise Model Design

We live in exciting times where the possibilities provided by seismic shifts in areas such as technology, demographics and the economy are endless. Whilst exciting, they are also daunting and can throw up huge challenges for all of us. 

The question is how can organisations work towards addressing the challenges posed by an exponentially changing future?

One simple yet very effective way is through using the Target Operating Model approach that incorporates both Design and Lean thinking. 

This approach emphasises the importance of thoroughly understanding the who, what and how of your entire operations to identify which capabilities need to transform so that you can effectively implement your strategic objectives. 

This approach highlights the fundamental requirement of looking at things holistically rather than trying to change aspects of your operations, such as processes or systems, in isolation.

Using the analogy of a game of Jenga, imagine your entire operations as the Jenga tower and each wooden block as components of your organisation such as processes or systems.  As you choose to improve each block and move it to the top of the tower, your decisions must be based on considering the impact to the rest of the tower and the imbalance that may be created.  New systems may also mean changes in organisation structure, changes in people models, changes in location, involvement of new suppliers and changes in processes.  If the rest of the tower is not effectively configured, the tower will come crashing down. 

Our Enterprise Model Design service offering can help achieve the following benefits:

  • Enterprise scalability, operational efficiency, agility, and responsiveness
  • Improved coordination across business units
  • Regulatory compliance and risk management
  • Improved end-to-end customer experience
  • Revenue growth
  • Clarity of responsibility and accountability
Enterprise Model Design