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Evolving Your Operating Model


The Strategy & Operations Consulting Group is a firm which specialises in Operating Model design and implementation.

We help executives from a range of industries to evolve their operating models in response to emerging threats and opportunities.

This could be because of new digital technology, a merger and acquisition, the need for cost reduction, the pursuit of improving customer experience, the need to consolidate / separate organisational functions or simply to stand up a brand new team or organisation.

Our product provides you with a holistic view of your entire organisation so you have complete transparency on the Why (defining your strategy), What (defining your business model) and How (defining your Operating Model) for everything you do.

Our Services

Enterprise Model Design

We redesign operating models to proactively address seismic shifts such as digital disruption, economic pressures, rapidly changing customer expectations and evolving workforce demographics.

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Customer Transformation

We use our proven customer transformation methodology to design and implement operational changes so our clients can focus on their customer touch points to deliver an efficient and effective customer experience.

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Change Management

We successfully manage the significant people change impacts which are created as a result of transformational changes such as new leadership, digital disruption, outsourcing and organizational restructuring.

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Digital Transformation

We implement digital technology solutions to help our clients resolve their day to day operational challenges, enhance the way they manage customer relationships and improve the quality of services.

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Program Management

We provide a full range of advisory and delivery services to our clients who are planning or undertaking major transformations, delivering portfolios of projects or one-off mega investment programs.

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Outsourcing Advisory

We work with our clients to effectively manage outsourcing programs to ensure that work done upstream during the strategy, negotiations, and transition set the right foundations for both price and service delivery.

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Lean Six Sigma Transformation

We provide Lean Six Sigma specialists to help our clients implement efficiencies across their processes to establish and sustain improvements whilst embedding a culture of continuous improvement.

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Workforce Training

We provide bespoke training across all service offerings from Six Sigma to Operating Model Design.  Please get in touch to see how we can tailor a training program to suit your needs and develop the capabilities of your workforce.

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